Monday, May 14, 2018

Teletubbies theory

Theory: The Teletubbies is an elaborate treatise on advanced chemistry. Po is obviously Potassium, La-La is Lanthanum [and the rare earths generally], and I think Tinky-Winky is a new alloy of Titanium and Tungsten.

 This alloy combines the lightness of titanium with the, er, heaviness of tungsten. We don't yet know what for.

 My theory is hampered or possibly helped by the fact I don't know the name of the other Tellytubby. But I am applying for funding to find out.


Swish said...

Dipsy. Which has made me realise that the letter 'D' isn't pulling its weight in the periodic table department. Lift!!!!

chris rees said...

Thank you Swish. I will share my funding with you when it comes through.

I am thinking Deuterium might be involved but I forget what that is. An … isotope of … wood?