Monday, February 18, 2008

At Home with Marjorie Bligh

I have a few Marj Bligh books. I just found this one in a carton of stuff, and its probably the best. Drop me a line if you would like the full recipe for any of these tempting offerings.

Pigeon Pie With Mushrooms [Clean 3 young pigeons, cut off the feet and wrap each bird in a slice of fat bacon...]
Delicious Brain Pie [Soak 3 or 4 sets of sheeps' brains in salted water 1 hour...]
Scrambled Brains [Soak brains in salt and water 20 minutes...]
Tongue and Potato Pie [Wash 6 sheeps' tongues...]
Tongues in Jelly [Cover 6 sheeps' tongues with water...]
Mutton Bird Dish [Soak birds in washing soda for 1/2 hour...]
Dulcie Schneider's Salmon Puffs
Mrs Shackcloth's Savoury Mince
Cold Porridge Scones
Foam Biscuits
Tuesday's Blowaway Sponge No. 2
Cold Water Sandwich
Glamour Custard
Rabbit Paste

It's true, I have chosen selectively for the purposes of mockery. There are some excellent recipes in there, and she is beyond reproach as a pioneer of organic gardening and recycling.

But who else would give advice on the correct approach to sewing buttonholes, in rhyming couplets?.

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