Friday, February 08, 2008

Knackered 5 drew with Untouchables 5

I had missed two losses while camping, one shocking (28-7) and one quite honourable (10-8). This team caned us in the last game before Christmas.

I bought new sandshoes today. The smell of the old ones is such that they have not been allowed indoors for the last few weeks, and the sole is tearing away from the upper - I thought they might not last another game.

We had Cam, Brett, Paul and myself. We scored first through Brett, then I added another with a left footed toey. It was 3-3 at half time, and we were reasonably happy to be staying with them. They had two subs and were all young and fit. I had one of my better goalkeeping stints, only let in one. They scored most of their goals from solo runs and long shots. They went ahead 5-4 through one of these, then Brett equalised with an amazing solo run from the back corner. The last 2 or 3 minutes were extremely frenzied, but for no return to either side. A good result for us I think.

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