Thursday, February 07, 2008

Camping Log, days 10 & 11

Wed 30 Jan - stayed in Launceston.

We loved Low Head Caravan Park, absolute winner. And we loved Low Head. We had been going to morning tea in Launceston at Joe and Jill's, but they had ditch diggers in their backyard pulling up pipes, so we rescheduled that for tomorrow and spent more time at Low Head instead. First to East Beach, a very long surf beach, had a swim there but bad march flies. Lighthouse looking over western end, used to have surf carnivals here in the 50s and 60s. Then back over to the Tamar side of the head, to Lagoon Beach. Saw heaps of baby flathead in the shallows, and crab strolling along. Seen that in rock pools but not on open sand in the shallows. Marcus found a cone shell with its' inhabitant inside - who was patterned just like the shell! Amazing. Drove into Launceston, had a quick sandwich lunch in City Park so as not to arrive at Scott and Lynn's with empty tummies. Boys ad Elf went on the "train" what I would call a moon buggy. Driver said "I've been around this park 74,000 times". I accidentally followed a woman down the street with a steak knife (and nothing else) in my hands. Was going back to the car to get $ for the train, and thought I would make packing up easier by taking something back to the car on that trip - dumb idea. Carried it by the very tip and tried to avoid concealing it or brandishing it - very hard. May have whistled a little. Up to Scott and Lynn's. Isobel (8) and Tom (6) had been on tenterhooks waiting for the boys. Those four disappeared immediately, and the grown-ups had a very nice chat for a couple of hours. Kids and dads took to the pool. Michael was cracking everyone up, loving a new audience for his tricks, esp. ear squeaking. Bel adopts Michael, Marcus tries to impress Bel, Tom tries to impress Marcus and Michael is in awe of all Tom's boysie stuff. BBQ dinner, some wasp problems but excellent. Slept on fold-out couch, just like ours, and inevitably both rolled into the middle. S and L have Vanishing Tasmania by Frank Bolt. I'd love to track down a copy. B & W photos of cottages, ruins, mine workings, huts, farmhouses etc, taken in 1980s.

Thurs 31st of Jan - Wynyard

Up early at Scott and Lynn's, thought I might get a quiet hour with Vanishing Tasmania. Michael joined me in the lounge room. "I am being quiet so I don't wake up the other children". Kids didn't flake until about 11pm - all in Isobel's room. Kids all straight back into it after breakfast. Lovely visit over too soon - had to drag the boys away, due at Joe and Jill's at 10. Van a mess. Stuff just poked in and tossed everywhere. Needs a major clean before we give it back. Good to see Joe, and William (4 months). Jill was out, we saw her briefly just as we were leaving. Joe is doing a history PhD on the Tin Pot Rebellion, Norfolk Island. He is the housedad, Jill is back to nearly full time work this week. An extension is under way out the back, will make their funny old house more liveable. Out of Launceston, stopped at Elizabeth Town Cafe for lunch. Boys asleep, woke up in the carpark and consumed delicacies. On to Turners Beach, Dad looking well, Mum off lunching and organising her exhibition. Made a few calls and found accommodation at Leisureville, Wynyard. A funny old "cabinette", No. 12, $79 for all of us for one night. Cold water tap only in the micro kitchen. Elf really likes Wynyard. Now travelling in our car. Am I allowed to keep writing in the van log book? To Stanley and back to Burnie tomorrow for Mum's exhibition opening.

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