Monday, February 18, 2008

Rohypnol Raiders 7 d Knackered 3

These guys are on top of the ladder, but we have had two close losses against them, so we thought we had a chance. I ran myself ragged in about the first 3 minutes, and subbed off first. While I was off we conceded our first goal through a defence mix-up. Pretty soon we were 4-0 down. At the kick-off after one of their goals, i gave myself a bit of room and then poked a fast toey from the half-way line. It was on target and almost snuck in but the keeper got a knee to it at the last minute.

I was double-teamed up front. Every time I got possession I was hemmed in and just couldn't turn, and didn't have the fitness and speed on the burst to knock it through and run on to it. We hung on pretty well until half time, without giving up any more goals.

We had a much better second half. We got it back to 5-2 at one stage through great individual goals to Brett and Paul. Andy was getting a peppering in goal but was doing a great job. His positioning was spot on and his throws were giving us heaps of attacking impetus. Nevertheless, they put the game away with two more goals. I squeaked in a consolation goal near the end. Cam copped a ball in the face, and is in doubt for the Highland Pipe Band gig on Sunday.

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