Monday, February 08, 2010

Golf 3 - The Lake Wins Again

On Saturday I Rob and I had another hit of golf. On my way out Elf said "so, you're a golfer now, is this it?". Once again my first shot went straight into the lake. If I keep this up there'll be an island of golf balls slowly rising out of the middle of it. We were a bit more consistent this time - we didn't get par but we didn't get double figures either. The Snack Wagon has now officially changed its name to Tucker Truck, but it did not visit us this time.

We were both pretty worn out by the time we got home. If you're a good golfer, nine holes is not much exercise at all. For the Bad Golfers such as ourselves, it's a complete aerobic workout, involving walking, swinging, swearing, swinging again, searching, and a little each of climbing, crawling and wading.

Bizarrely, on this round we recorded a net gain of 4 golf balls.

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