Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some winnable wars

Many wise pundits have pointed out that a War on Terror is impossible to finish. When can we actually stand down the troops? Is Terror going to surrender? Etc. All good points.

Here is my list of winnable wars we could consider as an alternative. While most of these targets are not evil, certainly not in the al-Qaeda class, I think the benefits to the morale of the western world of a short, sharp, successful blitzkrieg, outweigh the [very few] negatives.
  • War on Terrines
  • War on Terriers
  • War on Terry Towelling (followed by the War on Terylene, together known as the Fabric Conflicts)
  • War on Terri Irwin
  • War on Terracotta Statuary
  • War on Terrazzo Contractors
  • War on Terrariums
  • War on Pteradactyls
  • Waugh, Ontario

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