Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Michael's monster move

On Saturday nights we all watch Monster Moves, a great doco series about moving large buildings and other objects from place to place. The kids are just spellbound by it. Here is a sample clip.

This week it was about the relocation of a heap of old Egyptian temples, especially Abu Simbel, the one with the four massive statues of Rameses out front.

You know, this one

The next day Michael spent a couple of hours constructing a Monster Mover with an old toy truck, magnets and meccano bits. He balanced an encyclopedia on it as a platform and tried moving a castle made of mega blocks. Talking to himself the whole time in very professional terms about jacks and levels and angles.

Michael drew this the morning after the show. That's a vulture on top.


SRA said...

What a gift it is to get to watch your children discover and grow. You are truly blessed.

chris.dadness said...

I agree. Watching kids grow & learn is THE most rewarding thing in life, and its right there in front of you, every day.