Monday, March 01, 2010

Wiki success

My first article in Wikipedia (on Maj. Gen. Cyril Clowes) has done really well. It was nominated to be a Do You Know on the home page, accepted by the Wikicommunity as sufficiently interesting, and appeared on 25th Feb as the lead item. I didn't manage to get a screenshot because it was up through the middle of the night here. I just got the statistics and it got 5300 hits during its moment in the (Greenwich Mean Time) sun. It has been edited by nine others since I launched it, all good minor improvements.

I am very happy that "Silent Cyril" Clowes has got a little more recognition for his efforts, but I'm not sure what I should write about next.

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chris.dadness said...

OK 雪糕 , thanks for that! Babelfish translates it as;

"Happiness 樂 mark heart right health it is good 藥, the unhappy scar 靈 use bone 枯 dry".

And I think I agree. Perhaps the Pacific war is the unhappy scar between Japan and Australia. I think all things considered it is healing remarkably well.

My next Wikipedia job is extending the article on Brigadier Arnold Potts, also sacked after doing a sterling job in Papua.