Tuesday, August 23, 2011

57 noses

As part of this convict history thing we are doing at work, we are making a sophisticated Facemaker type tool. It will work a lot like this one but with sensible faces instead of silly ones, and a lot more features to choose from, skin complexions, hair and eye colour, and optional freckles, pockmarks and so on. At the moment I am lending a hand abstracting facial features from photos of about 60 people that we took a few weeks ago. Today I did 30 eyes (just the left ones) and 57 noses. My late afternoon was largely concerned with nostril definition.

This guy below caught my attention. He seems to have no eyebrow, then on closer inspection he has a tiny vestigial patch, with one big hair sprouting as if to compensate. I have quietly marked him down as Possible Alien. That's all really, just felt like sharing.


Nobody said...

Are you lookin' at me?

Today's kaptcha:

Qualifir - The best kind of Christmas Tree

chris.dadness said...

I looking forward to getting Ian (for that is his name) off the home page. Need some bulky posts.

PS just overheard from the TV "I give you my word, as a Smurf".