Monday, August 08, 2011

Nooget exploration and conquest

\mathbb{N} \mathbb{O} \mathbb{O} \mathbb{G} \mathbb{E} \mathbb{T}    \mathbb{E} \mathbb{X} \mathbb{P} \mathbb{A} \mathbb{N} \mathbb{S} \mathbb{I} \mathbb{O} \mathbb{N}

Michael makes the most adorably chubby maps of the world. On this one he has finally located for us his homeland he is always talking about, Noogetswan (the whale-shape in Siberia). Unfortunately the lines Michael has drawn show "Noogetswan conquering Tasmania, Iceland and part of Greenland". I asked him what the Noogets would do with these territories once they were in their thrall. Would they be kind to the Tasmanians, Icelanders and Inuit? "No".

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