Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream goal

I still play indoor soccer every Friday night. When I am trying to get to sleep, I often think back to my last game and try to remember the goals I kicked in every detail. In our game last night I scored five, so during the night each time I woke up I ran through them in my mind.

At some stage, around 2am, I had the thought; "No - there was six! That one where I was riding a horse in a race and I came off it, but then got on a motorbike and zoomed past all the other horses, and my riderless horse, and won the race. So that's six!"

Around 5am I was doing it again and I realised that I can't possibly count that, and also that I probably dreamed it.


Nobody said...

I remember that!

It was disallowed because your riderless horse was offside - although clearly he was NOT having any influence on the game at that point C'MON REF!! GET SERIOUS!!

chris.dadness said...

Thanks for your support, pal. I think the old saying says "when you fall off the horse, you've just got to jump on the first motorbike you see and make that neddy eat your dust".

Pretty sure that's how it goes.