Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Week

I haven't blogged for a while, as there has been too much going on to actually stop and write about it. This is the central dilemma of blogging - people doing interesting things are too busy to write about them. It's when life slows down that you have time to write, and then you write about lawn bowls.

Last week was quite dramatic. Marcus was sent to the principal on Monday, and again on Tuesday, for failing to keep his anger under control at school. We responded by taking away every privilege he has for a week. He definitely improved his attitude each subsequent day at school. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and cannot resist giving advice even after being asked to be quiet and sit down. He is one of the youngest in his class, and sometimes his emotional development is clearly less than the older kids around him.

On Sunday Mum accompanied Dad to Melbourne for medical tests on some constricted arteries that were thought to need surgery in the next few months. When the results of the tests appeared it was decided to act immediately, and suddenly Mum was on the phone explaining that Dad would have heart surgery the next day. On Wednesday he had a double bypass, and a valve replaced. He has recovered very well and today was released from the ICU.

It's been hard for Mum, and quite lonely. Her relief when Dad came through the unexpected surgery must have been overwhelming. Sally is going over to spend a couple of days with Mum this week, our friend Vincent has taken Mum for lunch, and she is now generally feeling much more comfortable in Melbourne.

Vincent's wife Andy has been expecting twins to arrive any day, so we really appreciated him taking time to be with Mum. He has just called tonight to say that they were born today, a boy and girl, and they are all well. We are delighted for them - they have been wonderful friends to us, and they now children which they have wanted more than anything.

In house news, we are moving in on Friday 28th, that is five days away as I write. Elf has organised everything superbly. This weekend we went into top gear with packing up everything at the Beach House. We had our last walk to the beach today. The spare room is filled to shoulder height with boxes.

The new house is looking fantastic. The upstairs floor looks to be finished. The cupboards all have handles. There are steps to the back deck and balustrades everywhere. The new driveway has been poured - Greg has made it wider than we really wanted. It occured to me that in eleven or twelve years Marcus will need somewhere to park his Datsun 200B - it might squeeze in. By then the daggy old L plater car to have will probably be a Hyundai Getz.

In among all this my soccer team won the Grand Final 11-9. Now we have three weeks off and possibly go up a grade.

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