Monday, July 09, 2007

Brampton Panda Brampton

The British Bulldog Pedigree index. Worth a browse if you need cheering up. These are my top twenty from just the As and Bs. I was going to do the "spot the one I made up" game, but its pointless. They are just too silly. A special mention to Merriveen Son of Satan, who is Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal's great great great grandfather.

Allithorne Rodney
Ambassadors Quite Amazing of Quintic
Ameswaite Starturn
Amurton Dirty Harry at Kingrock
Atomstone Scarlet Lord
Audstan Sigmund Snugglebutt at Aceeye
Axters Plum Pudding
Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal [pictured here]

Barranco Slack-Ma-Girdle
Baytor Greathill Bunty
Belushi De-La-Soul
Berrybrook Born To Boogie
Blockbuster Rawburn Fleance
Bowcrest Automatic Choice
Brampton Panda Brampton
Brenuth Bye Jings
Britishpride Cream Cake
Bronorn Cheeky Monkey
Bryneatons Bikini
Brumigum Stroller Boy of the Regions

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