Monday, July 23, 2007

Roast chook & ballet

Last weekend we had an afternoon at Cam and Sarah's house, and stayed for roast dinner. Marcus and Jasmine get on very well, they were in the same room at daycare in their youth. At one stage I heard Marcus say to Jasmine "Hey - let's knock each other over!" I suggested Jasmine might instead teach Marcus some of her ballet moves. This was quite successful and they spent some time balancing, pointing their toes and generally bolshoi-ing about.

A few days later Elf took Marcus to a dance class, (she had been thinking of it for a while) and he really took to it. He often bursts into spontaneous tap-dance routines around the house, so perhaps channelling that tendency is a good thing.

Michael got to know Jasmine's little brother Tommy, and they shared their love of magnetic letters. Michael is obsessed with spelling out a few specific things at present: Sticky Heads (seen here), Monsters Inc, Dreamworks, and most recently Cats. He has been building letters out of Lego for some time, and lately has pestered us to help him build letters and assemble words out of Mega Bloks. M O N S T E R S I N C takes a long time and occupies most of the loungeroom floor.

A couple of days ago he made a quantum leap by assembling the letters himself and arranging them to spell C A T S. He announced what he had done, and while we all oohed and aahed and wowed, he did a neat little bow, like a conductor. We just don't know where this stuff comes from, but we love it.

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