Sunday, July 01, 2007

Knackered 10 d Richo's Seven 3

This game was very tight in the first half. Richo's is another team of guys younger, fitter and more numerous than us, who just can't score enough goals. They did pretty well to be 4-3 down at half time. My goalkeeping has improved, but they still scored two during my 5 minutes of custodianship. The ref was a) pedantic and b) frequently wrong. I am smart enough now to keep my mouth shut on the court, but I am happy to tell the whole www that he's a self-important little jerk who loves the sound of his own voice and if he had any friends would probably be otherwise occupied on a Friday night.

We closed the game out in the second half without too much trouble. I pinged three goals which were all very nice. I read something today that said the key to happiness was to forget about your weaknesses, and focus on what you're good at. So I am just patting myself on the back (publicly) for being able to score with both feet. It's not feeding the hungry or solving the water crisis, but as those are weaknesses of mine I'm ignoring them.

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