Wednesday, January 14, 2009

As tragic as a hat full of Monkeys

So, the Sea Monkeys didn't last all that well. Yesterday Marcus wanted to do an experiment wherein you put a hat over their tank for an hour, then take it off. They freak out in the daylight, for the amusement of all and the advancement of science.

I said no to this, on the grounds that a hat with a tank under it will be mistaken for a hat without a tank under it, and the tank will be spilled. Marcus did it anyway and the inevitable happened. I found a puddle on the floor with Sea Monkeys swimming about in it, and my hat saturated, and presumably full of Sea Monkeys and grime. I had to apply a bit of leverage to get Marcus to admit he was responsible.

I used a straw to gingerly pipette about four sea monkeys off the floor, back into the tank. They were in a serious condition and deteriorated overnight - we took the last one off artificial life support today. Marcus was distraught yesterday. He said through his sobs "I killed something!!". By this evening he was making Dead Sea Monkey jokes.

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Wendy said...

There's only a thin line between Science and Lord of the Flies. :)