Monday, January 05, 2009


Last week -
Me: Come on Michael - put your shoes on.
Michael: (venomously) YOU are an ANNOYING EGGBEATER!!! (puts on shoes).

This afternoon -
Me: Come on Michael - time to go home.
Michael: (darkly threatening) YOU are a SAFETY PIN!!! (exits).

Last night -
Me: Come on Michael- go to the toilet then in to bed.
Michael: (savagely) My digging feet are RUSTLING!!!! (exits).


Wendy said...

Michael is like a beat poet who is off his meds. Amazing!

That is way more interesting than the outbursts at my house which consists mainly of a toddler shrieking NOOOOOOO because that's the only word he knows how to say well.

chris rees said...

If you like Michael could send him a few scripts to look over.