Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rob and I spray marginal farmland with golf balls

Rob and I just went for a round of golf. We were planning to go to Richmond but Rob missed the turn due to the intensity of the discussion we were having, so we kept on straight and ended up at Forcett Lakes. There is a lot of earthmoving going on there, and they are obviously planning great things, but presently its a bit of a marginal grazing land interspersed with small swamps. The greens were tiny and even at 2pm on a 28° day, sopping wet.

However if the course gets about 3 out of 10, Rob and I as golfers get 2 and 1 respectively. Rob went round in 63, just shading my 65. This sounds pretty good, until you realise that was only over 9 holes. We actually did better than we expected. I have played golf maybe four times, the last about twelve years ago. I lost two balls and Rob lost one on the last hole. We didn't kill anyone with a savage slice. I did hit my ball off the premises twice, and had to retrieve one from among a reclining herd of (I think) black angus.

We rounded the day off with curried scallop pies among the tourists at Richmond. A top afternoon.

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