Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I am back at work after the longest holiday I have had in some years. And it's yucky here. The things that I miss when I'm at home (working email, working printer) are broken. Its 33° C in here and I'm not allowed to keep a change of clothes in the fridge, like I would at home.

Today I am dropping off the eight drawings that are going to hang in Magnolia Café for 8 weeks. I hope I will get a few bites. Six of them were drawn in 1998 and were part of a solo show I had that year, that was fun but unsuccessful on the sales front.

I am quite nervous about it all. I have lived with the others for so long that I accept them for what they are. When I look at the two new ones I can't take my eyes off the mistakes and occasional ham-fistedness.

If they were someone else's and I was trying to be nice I would say "wow - there's certainly a lot of work in those!" I could never be accused of making it look easy.


twosmallrabbits said...

Too. Modest.

I can't wait to see them. Good excuse to lure Monica out of the house. 1st thing on my agenda when I get back to town after watering the garden and snorgling the rabbits.

chris rees said...

Aw thanks. I was hoping to get to your opening night at BRG but it will be impossible. I am on duty looking after 4 kids on Saturday while Elf, Imp, Ed and Fred build a rowboat at the Wooden Boat Fest.

Wendy said...

Hey, I think your drawings are great. They make me bitter and filled with self-loathing that I don't have your talent. See, you've got that going for you -- ruining people's day and all.

Okay, actually, you can ignore everything after the first sentence.

Good luck with your show. Keep us posted!

chris rees said...

Thanks W. I sure hope someone buys one so they can look at it and be filled with loathing EVERY DAY.