Wednesday, January 14, 2009

State of the nation

Michael is still obsessed with the solar system. He is maniacally trying to classify the size of everything. He doesn't ask questions as much as make statements and wait to see if they are accepted.
Dad - Jupiter is this soccer ball, and Earth is this lump of mud! Dad - the Sun is this lampshade, and Venus is this marble! Dad - the Sun is the biggest star of all. The Moon is a galaxy! Dad - the Moon is not a galaxy, it is a star. Dad - the Earth is like the Sun's moon! All the planets are like the Sun's moons! etc.
This segues neatly into...
Dad - Asia is the biggest country! Dad - Asia is a continent! What is Asia's flag? What is Antarctica's flag? I thought Australia was a country. How can it be a continent if it has a flag? etc.
Also recently - "Dad - I know what came after the cavemen. The Olden Days". And "Dad, God made us, but he didn't make our language!" This was just before he was dropped off with Elf's sister. I left her to deal with the follow-up questions after I made a passing reference to the Tower of Babel.

Marcus is also pushing me into new areas of knowledge. We had been talking of the moons of Saturn, Neptune etc, and the boys demanded I give them hard numbers. We looked a few things up on Wikipedia, and we came to the dwarf planet Haumea, which is apparenty coated with a crust of ice. Marcus's eyes lit up and he said "If we could go there with some kind of heating device we could live there!

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