Thursday, May 14, 2009

Attention blog visitors - triangulating you now.

I have started using Google Analytics to try to work out why the hell people from umpteen countries keep on blundering in here. Apparently a lot of them are looking for names for netball teams.

Anyway - I have banged on about the glorious variety of countries from which I have attracted (mostly once-off) visitors. Now I have a finer grain of data - I know which city they are from! And this takes it to a more interesting yet spooky level of intimacy.

Among others I have had one visit each from;

Whippany, New Jersey
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Bismarck, North Dakota
Nelson, New Zealand
Nei-Hu, China
Uddingston, Scotland
Katowice, Poland
Ikoma, Japan
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Alcala de Henares, Spain
and also Don Mills (a suburb, not a person), in Toronto, Canada.

And I say to all of you: I hope I was some help in naming your netball team.

A thing a lot of people put on their blog is "funny things people have googled to get here". I am above such puerile filler and plus I have never known how to find that out. But now I do, so:

"whatever happened to hovercraft"
"netball team name suggestions"
"margaret pomeranz hair"
"ideas for netball team names"
"gravelly beach tasmania greek restaurant"
"fun netball team names"
"betty boop shop wynyard tasmania"
"cool netball team names"

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