Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new start

I made a big decision yesterday.

I have been feeling miserable, regularly, since day 1 of the football season. Its been getting steadily worse, and I felt such a sense of dread about the inevitable Monday football talk at work yesterday that I put my headphones on the minute I arrived, and glared at everyone all day. I acted like a prat.

So. I have done the only sensible thing and disowned my football team. Folk wisdom says you can't do it, and it remains to be seen if I can pull it off. I haven't changed teams, I have just ditched mine in the gutter, where they belong. I love football, and there is no way I can just omit it from my life, but it is going to get a lot less of my time, and you will not be hearing about it here any more.

I have advised Marcus several times in the past to leave while he still can, and find another team. It's quite acceptable to do that when you are only seven. He has refused. I am hoping that my concrete example might encourage him to follow me away from a team that he loves dearly, but who repay his love with utter rubbish.

I am going to throw myself into gardening, reading, or possibly learning to play the piano. I am going to pay more attention to the real things going on in the world, on this side of the boundary line. Like anyone giving up an addiction, I have to acknowledge that life without it will be less exciting, but like them I can look forward to being a more pleasant person.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You didn't take your memorabilia up to the South Hobart bonfire last weekend did you?

chris.dadness said...

I am serious. And no, there has been no grandstanding I'll-eat-my-hat type antics. The scarf has gone in the cupboard and might come out again if my neck gets really, REALLY cold.