Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trap for young sauciers

I bought this thinking it was chicken stock. Elf pointed out the important word "style", printed in hard-to-read black on blue, under "Chicken". Of course it also says "no animal content" but I didn't notice that.

This has opened up a whole new world for me, of "chicken-style" things. I am going to start with a "chicken-style" caesar salad, move on to "chicken-style" noodle soup and maybe finish with "chicken-style" kiev. Delish!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sibling.

I write in defence of the Massel product. It is an excellent vegetarian/vegan alternative to conventional packaged stock (either liquid or cube form), contains a less scary list of ingredients, and is the preferred pre-packaged stock product in the household of the Doctor and myself.

I will be referring to Matt in this regard in the next few weeks post the good news while imagining myself by his side in purple suede boots as we rocket through the galaxy in a police box.

It may get dull for you.

Anonymous said...

...sorry I kept losing my words and retyping and as a result this is written very strangely....

chris.dadness said...

Get Doc Warren some pearl-handled revolvers would you? To me its quite wild west. And tell him to work on the side-levers. And tell him I have a number of gladstone bags he could choose from.