Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tardy funsters make do with ice mush

We had a big dump of snow on the mountain on Friday night. Elf and I tried to get the boys out early on Saturday to go up and play in it, but by the time we got there it was all pretty trampled. The road was closed at The Springs, so we squeezed into the carpark there and did a bit of a mild romp in the same tennis-court-sized patch of snow as about 30 other funsters of all ages.

Last night the weather was appalling. Neither Elf or I got any sleep. The wind was constant, it basically sounded like someone was vacuuming our bedroom. The boys slept through it with no problems at all.

We hoped that at least some more snow would have fallen, so we could take advantage of being awake and be the first ones up there this morning. But no. Marcus and I went up anyway for a look, and threw some loosely packed ice-mush-balls at each other.

Then we went for a walk up a track and found the University of Tasmania's Cosmic Rays Observatory. Sounds very impressive doesn't it? It is very small green A-frame shed. Yet they keep an eye on the Earth's bombardment by stuff from beyond our galaxy.

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