Monday, August 24, 2009


Michael was reading something aloud, and he said a word with all the sounds correct, but the emphasis wrong. I can't remember the word, so let's pretend it was "remember". Marcus pounced (as he usually does when Michael makes a slight mistake).

Marcus: No, its not "REmember" its "reMEMber".

Me: That's OK, you got the word right but the emphasis was different. Emphasis is when you say one part of the word more strongly. With a lot of words you can say them more than one way. Like recess at school - you guys say "REcess" and I say "reCESS".

Michael: Oh yeah, and I say "lunch" but a lot of people say "looonch".

Me: Come on, no-one actually says "looonch"!

Marcus: Yeah, a few people do.

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