Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel scrabble

We are scrabbling to get stuff packed and organised as we are off in two days to the steamy subtropics - to visit my big sister and her family in New South Wales. Its five hours by train north of Sydney. To my stunted Tasmanian mind that would put it about in Queensland, but its only about a third of the way up to the border. NSW is big. After five days there we will entrain to Canberra for another five, then four in Melbourne before flying home.

I have been very busy ticking off Fogbugz cases at work. We use a job tracking system called Fogbugz, and no, this is not adequately zany or charming enough to make slogging through a list of jobs any easier.

I have also had a run of outs with QuickTime movie player and everything related to it. Apple send out software updates that you really need to install if you want to keep using QuickTime, but every now and then one of them will break everything else you need to use. If you Google the problem you will find dozens of helpful bits of advice about workarounds and hacks to solve the problem. This advice never comes from Apple, who prefer stony silence at such times.

So today I did a clean install on my work Mac. It is now (in theory) as pristine as when it came out of the crate. Yet the problem persists.

So the blog may have seemed quiet for a bit and will be quieter still over the next little while. If I can blog on the road I will, but no promises. It was 32° at Jacki's today, so we are going to be stunned mullets for the first day or two.

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