Sunday, August 02, 2009

Soccer roundup

On Friday night my indoor team continued our good form from last week, with a fighting 7-4 win over the talented but lazy Deviants. Our passing was fluent and our finishing was tidy. Last week we had a 7-7 draw with a young and fit team who should have cleaned us up, so we are quite pleased with the way we're going.

Marcus's under 7s went three down very quickly yesterday, and he started to get a bit tearful. He and his team recovered well and got on top, finally winning 6-4. He played terrifically well, doing a lot of hard work in defence as well as kicking two goals from long range. It was a good hard game and everyone went home happy.

Last week we had one officious and neurotic parent on the other team who spoiled the occasion for the rest of the adults - I don't think the kids were bothered at all. The rest of her team's supporters were embarrassed and I suspect they are long-suffering. She stepped onto the field while our coach Robert was refereeing, and started disputing his decisions. He handled it perfectly, refusing to get ruffled, and insisting on his right to be the sole arbiter. Her son is an excellent player and hopefully will not have his enjoyment of soccer sullied by his mum getting into slanging matches.

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