Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music Channel

I have just started a tumblr page, just for music videos. The videos don't even have to be all that great, its really about the music. Please pop across to Lost Cassettes and tell me what you think.


Nobody said...

Was I the only person in Australia to have bought an orange jumpsuit (ex NATO) on the back of that V SPY V SPY clip?

chris.dadness said...

Not at all. I went further - I also wrecked a rusty 20,000 ton freighter just to have something to dance about in front of.

Nobody said...

Tusk. I have a theory on this one, and history shows that my theories, however unfounded in reality, bear more than a passing resemblance to the truth.

Big Mick lays down the plan, Stevie and Lyndsay pick up his vibe. They film a full on marching band + marching girls + baton twirling number (where's Busby when you need him) and then Chrissy "Feet on the Ground" McVie points out that they all look like complete wankers. There's no budget left for re-filming, so a quick cut in of some behind the scenes work and one half arsed moc-doc-quasi-reality film clip enters Vid Clip folklore. Or not.