Monday, November 30, 2009

Family update

Marcus has been in 2 national maths competitions this year. He was given a distinction in the first one, and the other day we heard he pinged a High Distinction in the 2nd one! That puts him in the top 1% in the state for Grade 3. And he's the youngest kid in Grade 2. His teacher showed me a Grade 5 maths test she gave him this morning - he got 98%.

Down at the Gifted Association they say that a truly gifted child is not simply capable of managing at a higher level; give them work from a grade or two above and they will knock the ball out of the park.

So I have taken a few steps back, looked at Marcus with fresh eyes, and said to myself - he is gifted and we have to stay awake to this, and keep bringing him fresh challenges.

Michael said he would only get out of bed and come up to breakfast this morning if I carried him. I was happy to do this as I will take any chance I get to give him a good squeeze. Halfway up the stairs he said I also had to say our phone number. After I reeled it off, he repeated the last 4 numbers and said "that's the chorus".

My younger sister Sally is about to do something that the boys will never achieve - she's giving birth in April! It's really exciting news, we can still hardly believe it. Sal and Matt are dedicated contemporary artists (picture computers, latex, gravel and guitars - not so much the palette, easel and beret) and up to this point their total frugal dedication to the Big A has seemed incompatible with parenthood. But they have lots of friends who are artist/parent equally, so I know they can do it too.

Elf's 40th birthday is coming up. She is planning a cocktail party, and has been in touch with a Cocktails Contractor. This interesting older lady (who admits she likes to combine work and play) left this rather racy book with us, from which to choose a few recipes. At some point one of the nieces drifted off downstairs with it, studied it carefully and left this note nearby.

Obviously, apologies to all family members mentioned in the same post as this lurid though dated bit of soft porn.


Anonymous said...

We (including the unborn) thank you for your enthusiasm.

However I feel I must establish - the old art thing has never been or seemed incompatible with family life at least not to us.

But WE were incompatible. Now we hope we are less so.

And may I say whoo-hoo Marcus. I hope he will be able to teach his cousin a thing or two.

(I don't mind the preggo news being dressed up with titty-birds at all. In case you missed it someone found my blog last week by Googling 'sally sunshine's whoring blog sex'.)

chris.dadness said...

Oh yes - that was me actually.

Nobody said...

...and me

chris.dadness said...

OK now its getting creepy.