Monday, November 09, 2009

Michael teaches diagramatically about:

"Brain Training" by means of the Nerve Game

The bug food chain

The human digestion process. All of it.

The West Atlas oil spill off the Kimberley coast, Western Australia


How Surtsey [an island off the coast of Iceland] was formed.


Philip Vaughan said...

Bugger the html tags, I'm sick of seeing them up on toliet walls, office buildings and schools everywhere!

Seriously - I love Michael's poems and drawings. I had forgotten how much I enjoy your blog, so keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you in January.

Philip (a.k.a. Mephisto)

PS - Please tell Elf that her donkey penis moment was inspired. I can only imagine the ensuing conversation if it was Ronan...

PPS We camped in the tent on Friday night, in the backyard, as the closest nice caravan park to Perth (100km North) is fully booked until FEBRUARY 2010!!! It was a great night, lulled off to sleep by the neighbour's pool pump, woken often by nocturnal willy wagtail and then tapped on the shoulder by Ronan at 5AM - "Dad, it's daytime". Still, we did get to the farmer's market early as a result...

chris.dadness said...

I think I have a few of Donkey Penis Moment's early albums. Are you going to keep grooming the face-fuzz until January? I hope so.