Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rosalie Gascoigne

I can’t paint, I can’t draw and I can’t weld, but I can see an empty space and I know what to put in it. - Rosalie Gascoigne.

I was just prowling the library for an art book to take home along with my reading, when I found one about the late Rosalie Gascoigne. Wow! I had forgotten how stunning her work is. The really striking pieces like those above are made from sawn reflective road signs. There is a wide variety of materials and colours but generally she worked with discarded man-made stuff found in the landscape, but not part of it.

She is represented by Roslyn Oxley 9 gallery, which has a big web gallery of her work.


Wendy said...

These are lovely! Thanks for sharing them. People are so clever. (Not me.)

chris.dadness said...

Pshaw! You are not convincing me, Ms. 835 Followers. You are the business!

But Rosalie Gascoigne does have a way of making one feel not-so-clever-in-comparison.

Nobody said...

I hate Rosalie Gascoigne for doing really well the sort of stuff I thought about doing prior to finding out that Rosalie Gascoigne had already done it really well.

ps Today's Kaptcha:

Oseste - A small port in the Ukraine known for it's annual blessing of the Mackerel.

chris.dadness said...

Nobody - I know. Its heartbreaking that she pinched all my good ideas (and yours) about ten years before we had them.