Sunday, November 01, 2009

Swami Ramakrishnan Dog Grooming

As part of Elf's New Business business, I applied for an ABN, Australian Business Number. When I was entering Elf's name, I had a choice of about 100 honorifics, over and above Mr, Ms and Mrs. These included;
  • Abbott
  • Admiral
  • Baroness
  • Bishop
  • Count
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Earl
  • General
  • Honourable Justice
  • Lord
  • Mother
  • Rabbi
  • Rector
  • Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army
  • Sister Superior
  • Squadron Leader
  • Station Master
  • Swami
  • Vice Admiral
I have a very clear picture of an Australian Tax Office waiting room filled with the appropriate vestments, robes, handmaids, moustaches and hats. They make small talk as they wait for a synthesised voice to call the number printed on the ticket clutched in their / their disciple's / their valet's hand.
Earl: So, Sister Superior. What have you got on the go?
Sister Superior: Well the Swami and I had that wood fired pizza place, went arse up sadly, but we had this idea about portable dog grooming. And you?
Earl: Yeah, books of vouchers, bit of advertising sold already, you know. Use the contacts. I see the Bishop is back again. Oh God, he's coming over. Hi Bish.
Bishop: Hi Roger, Janice. Wow. Thought I'd seen the back of this place when I launched the mini-golf centre. What numbers ya got?
Etc etc. Writes itself really.


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