Monday, January 25, 2010

Wave ski ahoy

After Michael's party was over, we took the Elf's wave ski out for the first time. We went to Browns River, a quiet stretch upstream a bit from Kingston Beach. This is where we did some rowing in the Tub a few weeks ago. Elf had a go, disappeared around a bend and seemed for a while to be gone forever. When she came back she took Marcus for a dink.

Then I had a turn. It is very easy to balance and easy to paddle, and I really enjoyed it. I'm sure it could get uncomfortable after half an hour though - I bought a backrest to go with it but we haven't bothered with that yet. I would happily have paddled away for longer but the boys were amusing themselves in the sticky mud by the river, and I thought it would only be a matter of time before someone cut their foot on a shell. In fact, Michael had already cut himself in a few places but he hadn't noticed. Felicity then took it off for a go, to prove that even Canberra grandmothers can do it.

Then we loaded the wave ski back on the car, had a quick swim at the beach and headed home. I had to take this pose-eriffic pic below - here is our watersports equipment on our expensive roofrack at the beach - we are the complete leisure kings! The sandy wave ski pulled up on the grass at home is also a good look. We are going to get some 2nd hand wetsuits and hang them inside out all around the yard, then start putting lemon juice in our hair for the full effect.

We have yet to master the whole tie-down business. It was bit of a blight on the afternoon, to be honest. With practice I hope we will just be doing it in our sleep and spending all that time paddling serenely, rather than sweating and swearing while wrestling with ratchets.

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