Monday, January 11, 2010

Back-at-work January Schnippettes

  1. I have got a new follower, who appears to actually be two people, and their own blog is in Spanish. This has prompted me to add a Translate button over on the right there, which will translate the whole blog into a variety of languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish. Here is a recent post in Hebrew - the words that are untranslated speak volumes don't they?

  2. We all went to the beach yesterday. I went for a walk at one stage and saw what I thought was a crab heading for me, a comfortable sort of size to hold in a large hand if you were so inclined. As I got closer I realised - holy heck, its a huntsman spider! At the beach! I changed direction pretty quick. As I continued on down the beach I heard people one after the other behind me also sucked in by the crab-that-turns-out-to-be-a-house-spider. I guess if a huntsman has got all its scaring people and eating mice done for the day, there is nothing wrong with it just clocking off and heading down to catch some rays and maybe do some bodyboarding.
  3. Celebrity ToolWatch! Sam Newman was seen this morning, lost in South Hobart. Work colleague explained to him how to find Cascade Brewery, missed opportunity to send him instead to Cockle Creek or Clarendon Vale. He was in a left-hand drive white stretch convertible. If you do not know of Sam, substitute your favourite love-to-hate TV waste of space.
  4. Elf and I went to our first wedding in ages on Saturday. My art school pal Ado was marrying Elf's former work colleague Lou, so we knew quite a few of the guests. Ado and I met when were both 17 and are now both 41, so there were years and years of mutual friends there to catch up with. It was a stand-up reception which was a bit challenging, with small amounts of deep-fried food circulating on platters. Wore my throat out yelling conversation over the loud music. Ado's mum is terrific, we had not seen each other in nearly 20 years but she was great to talk to and remembered a lot that I had forgotten.

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