Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marcus and Michael news

The boys have not had much of a run in the blog lately.

The nephews went home on Tuesday - our boys were pretty much in their thrall for the full two weeks. Often they paired up thus: Marcus (7) and Malachy (6) playing Monopoly, cricket or trampoline soccer, while Brinley (17) and Michael (5) played tickles, chasings or trampoline soccer. But they all spent a lot of time in other configurations.

Brin generally acted as foreman for the littles, while Elf and I (the management) put food on the table, washed clothes and drove the car. Now the boys have gone back to NSW it's actually nice to be our boys' first choice (well, second at least) grown up.

Marcus and I are now playing backyard cricket on even terms. Last summer he scored double what I scored for the same shot. He was very keen to have parity this summer, and is continuing to improve. He does not have much of a range of shots, but he has a very good eye and gets to the pitch of the ball very well. He then tends to play a falling-over-sweep shot and often ends up on all fours, but Rome wasn't built in a day. I myself like to play a forward defensive shot pretty much straight out of the MCC textbook. This garners very few runs but feels great, and I generally keep this up until nightfall.

While we are doing this Michael is either digging a hole, reading something factual, drawing a diagram or hopping like an amphibious bandicoot. He is currently very interested in Italy, volcanoes, what it's like when you are dead, and insects.

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