Sunday, January 03, 2010

Magpie family breakfast

The two magpies who visit us regularly brought their baby to meet us last week. We give them a few cat biscuits regularly and they seem to appreciate it, although Hattie does not.

This morning the three of them arrived again, and we got to see the mum feeding the baby, which is hardly any smaller than her. The baby couldn't pick up the biscuits, so mum picked them up and popped them into his gaping beak. Dad stood by proudly, and occasionally popped up into a tree to warble - which is what magpie dads do instead of blogging.


Julie Ward said...

Thats lovely....we had a thrush yesterday that the kids saved from our cat Ceefer. Poor thing was petrified but after an hour or two in a dark shoe box with bread soaked in water, he flew off quite happy (maybe happy is the wrong word) kids were happy ,much high fiving and slaps on the back lol
Happy new year love reading the blog.

Julie in Limerick Ireland

Julie Ward said...

Not as prolific as you are but I have made a new years revolution as my kids say lol