Tuesday, May 03, 2011

South Australia's own Lightburn Zeta - came with four reverse gears!

One day, Mr Harold Lightburn, proprietor of an Adelaide cement mixer factory, decided to start making washing machines as well. Buoyed by his modest success, he decided to try adding seats and wheels, and replacing the agitator with a very small engine. The Lightburn Zeta range of very poor cars was born.

I can still see the washing machine deep within.
"The four speed dog clutch Villiers Engineering gearbox had no reverse so the engine had to be switched off and started backwards which provide four reverse gears. Fuel was delivered by gravity feed from a tank behind the dashboard. The fuel gauge was a plastic pipe running from the top to the bottom of the tank through the dashboard. As a Wheels road test in 1974 put it "it read anywhere from full to empty depending on gradient, throttle and probably Greenwich mean time" - Wikipedia
The Zeta Sports, ideal for the driver with no time for doors, or bumpers.

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