Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The little guy knows his Auroras

Michael's class presented their work on the Arctic in assembly yesterday. We were sadly not present but have heard about it in detail from everyone but Michael himself.

All the class except Michael had chosen an animal - the arctic fox, the snowshoe rabbit, the polar bear etc. There were apparently life-size paper examples, and students each read a brief spiel about the animal.

Michael spoke about the Aurora Borealis. We are told that although he didn't speak for a long time, he spoke in great detail, and managed to pack in enough references to ionised nitrogen atoms, solar winds, particle collisions, and magnetic fields, to have some parents staring at him slack-jawed. He is only little, and at times like this appears to be some sort of advanced puppet.

Elf said when she picked up the boys and the cousins, the other three were all agog about it. Michael has declined to repeat the spiel for us but is happy to scoff and correct anyone else who tries to recount it.

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