Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parents find a house in The Bay

Mum and Dad have finally found a house after months of searching. They have been driving down from the north west coast each Thursday, and back up each Monday, spending just about every waking moment down south house-hunting, and up north packing.

At last a place has come up that fits their price-range, has a flat walk to the shops, and is reasonably near the water. The only problem is that it's in Geilston Bay and none of us can agree on how to pronounce it.

I favour Jeels-tun. Elf prefers the hard G of Geels-tun. Then there is the (never heard but equally likely) Gails-tun, as in the J. Geils Band (you may remember their 80s hit Centrefold [My baby is a]). It would be exaggerating to say that its tearing the family apart, but it is certainly an issue we never needed to worry about before.

The old house at Turners Beach is now empty, and Mum and Dad are staying with friends nearby for a couple of days, then they will come and stay with us for probably the last time. Then they will drive over the river to their new home in The Bay, as we had best call it.

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Irma said...

My phoenetic German speaking tongue automatically reads Geilston to rhyme with "milestone" but with a short "o" (along the line of your Centerfold theory).

Typing the word "geil" into any German-English dictionary will illicit countless translations. My parents' generation knew it as a vulgar word meaning "horny". Today's whipper-snappers annoy all the old fogies by using it ALL the time as a replacement word for "cool".

So basically: They're moving to Hornytown or Cooltown.

Congrats to them on finding a house.
Greetings from Switzerland,