Sunday, May 29, 2011

A recipe for a fool

What do you call a baked savoury flan with a cigarette hanging out its mouth? Quiche Richards.

[Pause for birds chirping, tumbleweeds etc.]

Tonight I made quiches. We have Mum and Dad on board (until their new house is vacant) so I had to make a couple. They were OK, but I was delighted with what I did with the spare pastry. I don't know what a raspberry fool is, but I called this a pear fool, as it was ridiculously small (and contained one pear). I put the pastry into a small pyrex bowl, threw in the chopped pear, then whisked up an egg with a little milk and caster sugar, and poured that over it. Then I put some butter on top because I like butter. Baked it for a while, then took it out, it was all runny with melted butter still floating on top. Ahem. So I stirred everything around, put it back in the switched off oven and went for a walk in the dark with Elf and the kids. We saw six wallabies and three possums. By the time we got back it had set beautifully into a small pear and custard tart. I waited until the kids were in bed so I only had to cut it into 4.


IT IS ALLY said...

Ta muchly for Quiche Richards joke - emailed it to my dad as a response to his joke, which was the sad tale of a drug addict who snorted a line of curry powder and ended up in a korma. I think I'm back in the lead now!

chris.dadness said...

I am prepared to write dad jokes for you for money.