Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bad Mans

Michael seems to have an essential scampiness. Elf has a photo of him when he was still in double-0 growsuits, and he has the most "Look out, I'm a scamp!" look on his face. This morning he slept in until it was time to get him up to go to daycare (This never happens, he is usually up at 6). I was sitting next to his cot lacing my boots, he was apparently still deep asleep, then he suddenly opened his eyes and broke into a mad grin. Arise, Sir Scampy! Scampy from the word go.

Marcus loves log trucks. And he loves flags. He loves OUR flag. He says "There's OUR FLAG!!". So we have discussions about big log trucks and the union jack on our flag and one day I'll have to break it to him that I'd rather have half as many log trucks and no union jack.

Yesterday we followed a police car for a little while. Slightly exciting for Marcus. Actually a police van. Marcus counted all the lights. Red, white, blue, red, red (brake lights), and a big white light inside the van. What is the big white light for? Er.. so the man shut inside can see. Conversation moved on to bad mans (which I can't resist calling them too). Bad mans stole our telly a few months ago. Marcus was pretty sure one of those bad mans was the one in the van. I said he was going to stay in jail for a while and he wouldnt be allowed to go home - Marcus thought that sounded pretty bad.

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