Monday, March 21, 2005


Marcus is learning to use the potty. We make a big deal about it and give him a dinosaur sticker when he does. Lately he has started sending us out of the bathroom so he has some "privacy", but then yells a running commentary. He has been counting the poos, which is interesting and educational. Now he is yelling out "this one looks like a seal!" which is neither, but still funny. I will have to take him aside and explain that we don't describe poo in those terms.

He is building marvellous symmetrical mega-blok creations. Often they are crcodiles, or birds, or dinosaurs. Yesterday he made a tall structure with lots of holes in it, like windows in a house. It was in fact a bug house, then he made a bewildering array of striped bugs out of the multi-coloured mega-bloks - every one perfectly symmetrical.

He made an E out of blue and purple blocks on Saturday. It had two little black bumps on top. "They're the horns. Its a cow E."

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