Thursday, March 24, 2005

Funny, funny, funny yoghurt

Marcus brought home a very nice painted egg from Allison's yesterday that he did himself. I asked him what the process was. "We drew on the egg with crayons really hard so the colours would stick then we splodged them with funny, funny, funny yoghurt. But its not yoghurt for eating. If you eat the funny, funny, funny yoghurt you get sick".

Michael is reading books. Just sitting leafing through them on his lap like someone browsing in a bookshop. He is amazingly agile - he is climbing up onto the quadcycle on his own, and onto his little chair in the kitchen. We don't immediately rush out and grab 3 cushions to surround him with any more.

I had lunch with my old workmates Monica V. and Marcus M. yesterday which was great. Then last night we inspected a house with an agent called Marcus Freebody.

And - it was the best house we've seen so far, but right at the limit of our price range. Its in Union Street, a steep very narrow one way street in South North Hobart (ie very close to town). There is no parking on either side all the way up, but the house has a garage. Its a federationy 4-bedroom weatherboard in good nick, quite a good yard. The midweek yacht races were happening on the river and it was hard to discount the view from considerations. The location is a minus but the hoiuse itself is a gem. We will look at it again on Saturday and if we can muster the minimum asking price we will put in an offer - although its unlikely to succeed.

We are actually talking to our man Jonathan about drawing up plans for a 2-storey 4-bedroom weatherboard to replace our house. Demolition. We are talking about razing the little house we love and letting someone drive the bits away on the back of a truck. Its very hard to get my head around that aspect.

Nice new bigger house right where we are sitting now - GREAT!

$100,000 worth of character home full of happy memories pushed over by bulldozer and taken to the tip - ah, sorry, can you explain that bit again?

STOP PRESS: Our money man Alan (with a pattern of ice creams on his tie) says the smartest thing to do by far is to build. Maybe we need to start finding something to rent for 9 months while Casa Fantastica is built. Jonathan can't even start drawings for 4 months because he is so busy. We need to find a builder.

I'm a teapot! I'm a teapot!

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