Friday, March 04, 2005


Marcus just won't stop talking. Yap yap yap. Some of it is quite interesting - that's the stuff that is usually related here. A lot of it is repetitive, annoying and impossible to reply to sensibly. This is all completely normal for a 3 year old. He is not a good listener which is probably also completely normal. I shouted very loud at him last night, I was so enraged that he wasn't listening while I told him something I thought was important.

Then this morning at 2am I was selfish when he had woken from a bad dream, and when he was heading off to get into our bed I told him to stay in his bed. I have a private rule that unless absolutely necessary he can't get into bed with us until after 3am - it just makes the night very long and uncomfortable. But Elf rightly pointed out that if he is scared he should feel like he can get into bed with us.

I sang "Hit me with your rythym stick" to Michael this morning and now he can say "Hit me". Great.

So - not a good 24 hours of dadness.

On the radio as I walked to work this morning Richard Adey interviewed Prof. David Flint, ex head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority, mate of John Laws and prominent monarchist. Listening to him is like having lukewarm smelly sump oil poured into your ears.

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