Friday, March 18, 2005


Its my 37th birthday today. Marcus bought a couple of Ernie and Bert Pez© lolly dispensers, one for me and one for him. I chose Ernie. No way. He wanted Ernie so I got Bert. Why does everyone want Ernie?

He likes to ask me what I did at work, when we are on our way home. Yesterday I told him, then he said that today at work he had done an invitation for my birthday party. While I was digesting this he added that today he had also done an animation at work, which featured a frog.

Last birthday Sally gave me an anatomically correct model of a Holstein bull. He has recently joined the Roar Film fish in their tank - they like to swim around his bollocks, apparently. Like all workplace pets, the fish have jokey names (Happy and Larry) and I thought after a year as a nameless (but anatomically correct) model, it was time to name the bull and bring a bit of warmth to our relationship.

So he is now Oceancrest Chubby Dominator TX8243.

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