Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boys bounce on bed

The gap is narrowing a little between what Marcus and Michael are physically capable of. They were bouncing like mad this morning, hanging onto the end of the bed and cackling like maniacs.

I went for a stroll before bed last night, across the bridge and up the steep street opposite our house, where you can look across the valley back to our place. I startled a wallaby which went crashing off into a vacant paddock by the road. It sat and watched me for a while then took off again. I walked down the hill, around the back of the Female Factory (it was a womens' prison in the 1800s) and home, This area reminds me a lot of Wivenhoe, the part of Burnie where my mate Joe lived when we were growing up there. A bit damp, a bit industrial, but interesting in a way my newer suburb up on a hill never was.

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