Monday, April 04, 2005

Justify your grunt

Marcus hears everything, but he has an extremely active filtering system. You know when you read or hear something and, without being moved to actually formulate a comment on it, you make a "heh" noise? Or sometimes "pfuh". Marcus, from the other side of the room, will give you a forensic look and demand "Why did you say "pfuh"? Then you have to make a long-winded explanation to him of what you thought was not-quite-actually remarkable.

But does he take it in when you tell him its TV, not a video, so we can't watch it again? No.

Big cheerios to Philip in Perth who actually left me a comment! Give it a go the rest of you, it doesnt hurt. If he can send me a comment all the way across the burning sands I think some of you could dig deep too.


John said...

I didn't leave a comment but I copied your text about Ernie & Bert and emailed it to you explaining why Ernie was better than Bert but nooooo that doesn't get a mention, good old Phil, goody two shoes Phil, good old home-brew Phil. Well I am outraged in my own calm little way and by god no ones going to hear the end of it. Unless they really want to.

Carlton, Victoria

Philip Vaughan said...

Well! If I didn't have a sneaky feeling that this was good old John "pictionary champion" McGlasson I'd be tempted to be offended, or hurt or something. Then again aas a project manager I think that is no longer possible. Somehow in the training process they make a small incision and remove the emotional centre. Anyhow, more power to John for actually taking the time to respond. Come over any time for some fine home brew, there's a passable pilsener happening right now!

chris rees said...

Hello lads. Welcome to my world. If i can facilitate pilsener-fuelled interfacing across this wide brown land my blog has done some good.

Who will ever forget Phil's old View Street Number 7?