Thursday, April 14, 2005

Computer v Books

Marcus is having a computer-free day today. I said to him that its important to remember to do other things, like drawing and reading and running and making things with blocks.

He said "Lets read books!" I enthusiastically said "Yes, its great to read books. You should read books every day". Marcus said "Its strange that you can read books every day but you can't do computer every day. Why is that? Why can't you do computer every day too". Erm.... He raved on and on "I have some books on the computer that I want to read. You click on the number 1 and it turnsd one page, you click on the number 2 and it turns two pages, you click...)

He really likes the computer.

Michael is rolling onto his back and lying there smiling with his hands behind his head. And saying "Yeeeeeeeeah!" a lot. Next we'll move onto the word "duuuuuuuuude".

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