Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tinkling the ivories

Marcus played us a loud piano piece, while stomping and leaping around (the stool was elsewhere). It was lively and raucous but not too violent. He said "That song is called Dinosaurs Coming"

This morning he showed us a sheaf of drawings and rattled off the titles. "This is a colourful banana lemon, this is some raindrops, this is a beautiful orange, and this is a blue greem". Dream? "Greem". A dream you had last night maybe? Hmm. He went along with that. "Yes, a blue dream"

Last night we were looking at photos of our house and playing with the design for the new house. He likes moving the trees around. I made a little picture of each of us and of the cats, and he moved them around too. We looked at another old picture of the current house and he asked a question that made me think he didn't recognise it. I told him that was our house, looking down the side from the clothesline. "Yes, I noticed that".

Michael has been a real handful this morning. He can be very uncooperative at times. A very determined and stubborn little character.

I test drove an 02 Subaru Outback yesterday, that we are thinking of buying. The salesman's name is Barry. I just can't imagine him doing anything except selling used cars. It was a manual, so smooth and quiet I had no idea what gear I was in half the time.

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